Teachbase system capabilities

Increase your employees efficiency with Teachbase!

Course editor

We created easy navigation, possibility to use any material and add different tasks into your course (tests and cases). You also can communicate with your students from within your course!

Powerful course creation tool

You can use PowerPoint, Word, PDF files, audio and video files and youtube videos. In general you can create a new course in 15 minutes: simply add your materials and assign your course to proper students. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Testing done right!

Test your students with different questions and case studies. Get feedback and statistics with full control over your student’s progress.

Handy test creator

You can create tests inside your course with separate test creation tool. The following settings are available: number of tries, time limit, different question order.

Any question type

Open question (with ability to comment), single choice, multiple choice, matching, yes-no questions, short answer.

Statistics and course completion results

You get detailed statistics on all students which allows you to quickly analyse current progress of learning in a company

Detailed analytics

Course attendance, time spent for course completion comparison, scores for testing, ability to export data and a lot more

User's results

Useful filter system allows you to quickly get information about the necessary student’s group. You also can view the statistics on every individual user

File library

We created handy file library, which allows you to easily control the knowledge base in your company

Controlling your knowledge base

Upload any files: DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT, JPG, videos and archives. Create any folder structure and manage access to them. You can also view your file in web browser and expand your storage space if needed. .

Webinars in action

Organise webinars with great functionality with minimal system requirements

  • Works in web browser

  • Automated recording

  • Screen sharing

  • Chat and private chat

  • Show your presentation

  • Write on a whiteboard

Work with user database

Add users with one mouse click! We took care about filters and navigation for you.

Import data on your users

Import users with one click. Create reports on any user in the system and follow him through his learning process.

User’s personal account page

Get access to the system with unique login and password. Users personal page contains individual growth plan and all necessary materials for every student.

Teaching statistics

Detailed analytics with different data visualisation formats. You can also download the data and build your own reports.

Webinars and recordings

Organise webinars with great functionality with minimal system requirements. You can organise webinar with up to 300 participants.

Courses and materials

Incredibly handy course and test constructor with built in navigation and fast and quality feedback from your users.

Notifications about last events

All actions in the systems are accompanied by notifications - all your students and users will always be up to date with all necessary events!

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