LLC “Internet Shkola” is a part of online education market for more than 5 years. Our main achievement is our key product Teachbase and a couple of big projects.

Today Teachbase is the best way to implement e-learning system in Russia. Many clients from corporate segment and from education institutions, emphasize ease of use as one of the main advantages of our service. Other big advantage of Teachbase is high quality of online courses created using our service. Teachbase is a solution for normal people who just want to educate employees. You don't have to be IT engineer to use it.

In addition to one of the best technical platforms you get technical support and personal consultant from our professional team.

Many russian and international companies use Teachbase, such as: Sogas, Rushydro, Invitro, Puma, Kimberly Klark, Kinomax, Alfa-Capital and others. Russian universities also use Teachabase: Economics faculty of MSU and High School of Economics use our service to host part of their online education programs.

Starting from end of 2014 our team managed to attract many private coaches and learning centers as customers. They value our service because it is perfect solution for bringing their courses online. Our team is extremely excited about all the small companies and private tutors being our clients. It shows that we have productive and useful service. We are also excited about the fact that our clients come from many different countries: not only from Russia and CIS countries, but from Turkey, Vietnam, England, Poland and other countries.

Large projects

Our team has a lot of experience in creating standalone products and unique projects. For example Ministry of Energy of Russia and our company have created project to increase employee qualification in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency. Based on our technology we created a website, which hosted e-learning series for more than 20 thousands people.

Many participants have noted that for the first time in a project of this size online website was so popular. Average participation time was more than 3 hours per person. More than 90% of participants took part in courses, tests, webinars and web broadcasts - that is a lot. All this was possible because we created our system for people.

Our plans

Create “knowledge space”

One of our targets is to create perfect environment for a coach (doesn’t matter if he or she is working alone or as part of big company), which allows him to create quality online courses and engage more students into e-learning. We also see huge potential in creating Marketplace platform - space where our clients and partners can place their courses and sell them to other people. As first step to our Marketplace we partnered with Netology and it is possible to open courses from Netology website to your employees, who study in our system.

Ideal and Real cases

We want any couch to be able to take our service and create a course within one day. And implement e-learning into corporate daily life the day after. After people complete necessary inhouse courses they can get access to courses from other coaches and partners. For example you can find courses on foreign languages, business skills (sales, time management, leadership, networking), running courses, psychology courses and many others. This allows your employees to develop different skills in different specializations. Coaches in companies or HR managers can control learning process, and many learning centers and private coaches will have access to new markets and sell their knowledge and expertise to more people. Francis Bacon once said: “Knowledge is power!” and we can not argue with that. We just want to add words of other famous person: “Study, study and study again”. And our Teachbase system is here to help you.

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